ISE BOCCIA 2018 BISFed 2018 ISE Regional Open

BISFed 2018 Ise Boccia Regional Open-Japan

Japan Boccia Association (JBoA) will hold its first international competition certified by BISFed (Boccia International Sports Federation) at Ise city, Mie prefecture, Japan in March, 2018.

Tokyo Paralympic Games is planned to be held at 2020, and the number of people interested in sports for people with special needs are increasing gradually every year. In the past, Japan has held various popular international sport competitions. However, the international competitions for Paralympic Games are rarely been held in Japan; especially competitions certified by the international organizations.

JBoA believes that holding an international competition of Boccia at our country Japan, will have a good influence for the progress of sports for people with special needs. Therefore JBoA decided to hold this competition in Ise city, Mie prefecture as an Asia and Oceania regional open event certified by BISFed.

The government of Mie prefecture and JBoA has a strong bond for projects to improve the athlete’s skill. In addition, we know, and will give an “OMOTENASHI” experience for athletes coming from overseas. Again, the JBoA would like to give special thanks the government for all the corporation.

It is our aim and our mission to prepare the athlete’s mind and body so they will have what it takes to win gold medals at the Tokyo Paralympic Games at 2020. We hope that BISFed 2018 Ise Boccia Regional Open will have a positive impact for the people of Japan.

Organizer Japan Boccia Association
Sanctioned by Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed)
Co-organized by Japanese Para-Sports Association
Cooperation by Mie prefectural government
Date March 15-22, 2018
Conpetition Venue Mie prefectural Sun Arena
Azakamodani4383-4, Asamacho, Ise-shi, Mie, 516-0021, Japan.
We will provide 6 courts for tournament and 4 courts for practice.
Competition Rule According to BISFed Rules. Published on the official website
Elegibility Criteria All participant Nations must have the fees paid in full and be in good standing with the BISFed memberships for 2018. The Minimum age for competition is 15 years old as of the 1st of January 2018.
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